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Specialising in research, supervision, consultancy, and research-led teaching on social and personality psychology.

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Our research is funded by prestigious grants from highly respected international organizations (e.g. European Research Council, Economic and Social Research Council, and the Polish National Science Centre).

With this research, we work to understanding who people are, and how this affects our interactions with others, on both an individual and a group-based level.

Within this framework, our interests are diverse but include such topics as why some people believe in conspiracies, who would make your ideal romantic partner, when children learn to control their prejudices, and what we really mean by words like “straight” or “gay”. Our members work with activists and charities all over the world applying knowledge from social psychology to improve society.

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  • Channel 4 - Naked Beach - Featuring Keon West and body image expert Natasha Devon, a new naked TV show is on a quest to make us feel better about our bodies
  • Agnieszka Golec de Zavala has participated in various public debates (1,2) in Poland

How can a better understanding of homophobia help fight it? Dr Keon West explores attitudes towards LGBTQ people in Jamaica.