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The C2N Group investigates cognition (from sensory processing to complex human behaviour) and its underlying neurobiological mechanisms. Members within the group study variability in these mechanisms among the individuals, across the lifespan, and between cultures.

The group also attempts to support the development of applications from these mechanisms to solve real-world problems and support intervention approaches to facilitate cognition, psychological health and well-being. The group uses a variety of experimental approaches including psychophysical, neuropsychological, eye-tracking and neuroimaging (high-density EEG, transcranial electrical and magnetic stimulations) methods.

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Learn how researchers within the Cognition and Neuroscience Group use brain stimulation to study creativity

Research Highlights

  • We are delighted to welcome two lecturers, Dr Peter Holland and Dr Tegan Penton,  to our research group
  • We are also pleased that several PhD students (Antonia Eisenkoeck, Pietro Caggiano, Mara Golemme, Laura Mora, Bianca Elena Ivanof, Jasmine Tan) working within the Group have successfully completed their doctoral research and have moved to new positions in academia and industry

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