Developmental and educational science group

Investigating the development of the psychological process from infancy to adolescence.

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Our research group investigates investigates the development of psychological process from infancy to adolescence. We use our research to inform our scientific understanding of development, and to support the application of concepts from developmental science to the real-world (e.g. in schools).

We conduct scientific research into the development of cognitive, perceptual, social and emotional processes from infancy into childhood and adolescence.

Group members focus on how concepts from developmental science can be applied to further the healthy development of individuals from typical and atypical populations.

Group members

Research highlights




  • Alice Gregory was a Co-Investigator on a project funded by Wellcome Trust to explore people’s attitudes towards the physical experience of touch
  • Alice Gregory has received funding to supervise a PhD student (Betul Rauf) focusing on sleep and paranormal beliefs
  • Yulia Kovas was the Principal Investigator of an Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility grant.  The grant enabled the mobility between Goldsmiths and Tomsk State University of 60 undergraduate and postgraduate students and staff
  • Yulia Kovas was a Co-Investigator on the project, Regulation of genomic research and the use of its results. funded by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR)

Research dissemination