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Photo of Apríl Rún Ágústudóttir

Apríl Rún Ágústudóttir

PhD Student
akubi001 (

Associate Lecturer of Graduate Certificate in Humanistic & Psychodynamic Counselling Course, Psychodynamic Psychotherapist

Photo of Saira Ali

Saira Ali

PhD Student
sali033 (

Exploring disaster management practices

Photo of Tsun-wei Lily Hsu

Tsun-wei Lily Hsu

PhD Student
thsu001 (

Exploring the concept of placemaking, materiality, and body in Online Art Therapy

Jenna Johnson

PhD Student
jjohn019 (

An Exploration of Practice Frameworks in Social Work

Photo of Nasima Khanom

Nasima Khanom

PhD Student
nkhan019 (

Professional development of psychotherapists from a faith perspectives

Doireann Larkin

PhD Student
d.larkin (

Researching the experiences of adults who care for aging parents that were abusive to them during childhood; Programme Convenor of the MA Understanding Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse

Photo of Saul Lovell

Saul Lovell

PhD Student
slove001 (

Researching the depoliticisation of social work by exploring social worker's approaches to family poverty.

Photo of Evgenia Pastira

Evgenia Pastira

PhD Student
epast002 (

PhD in Social Work & Social Policy: Humanitarian Response and Social Work Perspectives: Addressing “Stop the Boats” Policies and Migrant Deaths in the English Channel.

Photo of Elaine Pasqual

Elaine Pasqual

PhD Student
ecort001 (

Researching expressions of radical Christianity in London

Photo of Matthew Stemp

Matthew Stemp

PhD Student
mstem001 (

Researching the role of religion and emotion in contemporary climate activism

Photo of Lucy Thurley

Lucy Thurley

PhD Students
lthur002 (

Exploring masculinity and gendered norms, in the context of men participating in community cultural practice

Photo of Nicola Fay Weston

Nicola Fay Weston

PhD Student
nwest001 (

Researching theatre practice with PMLD participants

Photo of Karen Wright

Karen Wright

PhD Student
kwrig010 (

Exploration of the experiences of young women and girls engaged in art psychotherapy.

Photo of Tom Woods

Tom Woods

PhD Student

Tom Woods has worked as a social worker and team manager since 2018