Mr. David Woodger

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Position Programme Convenor BA Community Studies
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Mr. David Woodger

David has been active in community development and working with young people for 30 years and continues to work in the field.

He has written and published on race and adoption, institutional racism and group work.

He has undertaken work on numerous school issues including exclusions, truancy, sex and relationship education, learning and teaching and introducing group work approaches to teaching. David teaches organisation and management, race, identity and institutional racism, international development and a range of social policy areas and community and youth work. He is also one of the course group workers.

Academic qualifications

BA (Hons) Social Science and Qualification in Social Work and Msc International Development (SOAS)


Race and racism/organisation development/international development/group work/youth and crime/education.

Presentations and exhibitions

Recent presentation to group-work conference and faith and community cohesion conference summer 2010.

Papers presented

Group-work paper and Cohesion project paper

Research Interests

Institutional racism/race and racism/ school and professional responses to vulnerable young people / group work impact and effectiveness in personal and social development/ faith islamaphobia and community cohesion.

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Woodger, David; Thompson, Naomi and Anastasio, Jean. 2019. “Learning does not reside in a place called comfortable”: Exploring identity and social justice through experiential group work. In: Mike Seal, ed. Teaching Youth Work in Higher Education: Tensions, Connections, Continuities and Contradictions. Tartu, Estonia: University of Tartu/Newman University/Humak University of Applied Sciences/Estonian Association of Youth Workers, pp. 152-159. ISBN 9789985411612

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Conference or Workshop Item

Woodger, David. 2006. 'Published Paper presentation on ‘transforming institutional racism’'. In: European conference on diversity. Belgium.


Frizell, Caroline and Woodger, David. 2019. A Journey of Change: From Social Isolation to Inclusion. Project Report. Goldsmiths, University of London.

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Woodger, David. 2006. Home Office Commissioned Report on National Community Engagement Strategy in Criminal Justice Initiatives. Other.

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