First aid

Who to contact and what to do if someone who requires first aid at Goldsmiths.

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For first aid help, contact Security who are based across campus and halls.

Tel: 020 7896 2121 or ext 666.

All our security staff are first aid trained.

First aid boxes

Portable first aid boxes are behind the reception desks in the Rutherford Library, Deptford Town Hall Building,  Richard Hoggart Building and the Lorin Hall Management Centre

There are also a number of Automatic External defibrillators (AEDs) across campus:

  • Richard Hoggart Building - Security Control
  • Loring Hall Management Centre – Security Control
  • Professor Stuart Hall Building – Ground floor lift lobby (adjacent to café)

Calling an ambulance

If you need an ambulance, call 999.

Then call Security on 020 7896 2121 (ext 666) so they can help direct the ambulance when it arrives.