Programme timetable

How to see your programme timetable on

Timetables are best viewed on a desktop computer.

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Go to and click on the 'Guest' button

Select your programme

  1. Click on 'Programme of Study' on the left
  2. Select your Department
  3. Find your programme and year (FT is full time, PT is part time)
  4. Select 'Term 1 (Autumn)'
  5. If you are on a mobile device, it might be better to select 'List timetable' from 'Type of Report'
  6. Click 'View Timetable'

Only the autumn term is available. The spring and summer timetables will be released in mid-November.


You will now see all the activities for the first term. Each contains:

Left columnRight column
Module code Type of activity
Title Tutor(s)
Week numbers the activity takes place in Location (this may change)

Week numbers explained

Some activities do not happen every week. Some may be for part of the term.

The week numbers the activity happens are in the bottom left corner.

See the academic week numbers and their dates.

In the above example, '8-12, 14-18' means the activity happens every week except for week 13, which is a reading week.

For most programmes, teaching starts at week 8 starts, which commences on Monday 2 October.