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May 2024

Commitments made by SMT to student-led campaign group Goldsmiths for Palestine, following their occupation of the Professor Stuart Hall building in Spring term 2024.

March 2024

Response from Goldsmiths’ Senior Management Team (SMT) to a set of demands issued by student-staff campaign group Goldsmiths for Palestine (GfP): SMT response to GfP 1 March 2024 (PDF)

February 2024

statement from Goldsmiths' Senior Management Team over the Middle East crisis. 

December 2023

Apology to Professor Des Freedman and Dr Gholam Khiabany (PDF)

October 2023

A statement from Goldsmiths' Senior Management Team over the Middle East crisis. 

September 2023

Letter to Robert Halfon MP (PDF) responding to his assertion that free school meals are included in TEF benchmarking.

July 2023

Letter to Gillian Keegan MP (PDF) in response to the government announcement over changes to the university sector.

February 2023

Statement on transphobia, following graffiti and stickers using transphobic slogans appearing on campus. 

June 2022

Response to Freedom of Information (FOI) request 2379 enquiry regarding senior remuneration and expenses: FOI 2379 Response and Attachments (PDF)

May 2021

Letter to Oliver Dowden CBE MP (PDF) about the decision not to reappoint Dr Aminul Hoque MBE, Lecturer in Educational Studies at Goldsmiths, as a trustee of Royal Museums Greenwich.

Goldsmiths' response to the Office for Students consultation on recurrent funding for 2021-22: OfS recurrent funding response (PDF)

During academic year 2020/21, students from Goldsmiths who are living in halls of residence used by Goldsmiths students joined together to form the Goldsmiths Rent Strike group. This document sets out the issues raised by Goldsmiths Rent Strike which directly relate to accommodation as well as broader requests made by the group: Responding to Goldsmiths Rent Strike (PDF)

Goldsmiths' response to being cited in a national campaign around investments in arms firms: Statement on investment claims (PDF)

Letter to Goldsmiths Students' Union (PDF) and Letter to Goldsmiths UCU (PDF) responding to claims about Goldsmiths investing in Israeli arms firms.

January 2021

Joint statement issued by Goldsmiths, University of London and Goldsmiths UNISON about ongoing collaborative efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Goldsmiths’ response to the Office for Students consultation on quality and standards

February 2020

Goldsmiths’ response to the Universities UK consultation of USS employers on the second Joint Expert Panel report: Response to the JEP2 Consultation (PDF)

October 2019

Statement on institutional racism

March 2019

Goldsmiths’ response to Research England’s consultation on developing the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF): Download our response (PDF)

Goldsmiths’ response to Dame Shirley Pearce’s review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF): Goldsmiths Pearce Review response (PDF)

October 2018

Goldsmiths’ response to the Universities UK consultation of USS employers on the Joint Expert Panel recommendations: Download our response (PDF)

September 2018

Goldsmiths’ response to the AHRC’s consultation on its Strategic Delivery Plan: Download our response (PDF)

July 2018

Goldsmiths’ response to the UPP Foundation’s Civic University Commission: Civic University Commission submission (PDF)

June 2018

Goldsmiths’ response to the Mayor of London’s Draft Culture Strategy ‘Culture for all Londoners’: Goldsmiths reponse to MoL Culture Strategy (PDF)

May 2018

Goldsmiths’ response to the call for evidence for the Review of post-18 education and funding:
Post-18 Funding Review response (PDF)

Goldsmiths’ response to the DfE’s consultation on the proposed design of subject-level Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF): Goldsmiths Subject-Level TEF Consultation response (PDF)

May 2017

Goldsmiths’ proposals to The Creative Industries Sector Deal: Goldsmiths response to Creative Industries Sector Deal (PDF)

April 2017

Goldsmiths’ response to ‘Building Our Industrial Strategy’ Green Paper: Industrial Strategy Green Paper consultation response (PDF)

March 2016

Goldsmiths' response to the call for evidence for 'Lord Stern's review of the Research Excellence Framework': Download our response (Word doc download)

January 2016

Goldsmiths’ response to the ‘Fullfilling our Potential: Teaching Excellence, Social Mobility and Student Choice’ Green Paper: Download our response (PDF)