Covid-19 joint statement

This is a joint statement issued by Goldsmiths, University of London and Goldsmiths UNISON about ongoing collaborative efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Goldsmiths and Goldsmiths UNISON have been working closely throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to safeguard the health and wellbeing of those who study and work at our institution.

The College and Goldsmiths UNISON, which is the recognised union representing cleaning and security colleagues, are issuing this joint statement to thank all colleagues who have continued to give their utmost supporting students and staff over the last year.

Goldsmiths UNISON has confidence that the College’s Estates and Facilities management and the Senior Management Team have taken every possible step to protect all staff – including Goldsmiths UNISON members – while meeting the obligations placed on Goldsmiths by government guidance.

Goldsmiths Senior Management Team acknowledges and respects Goldsmiths UNISON’s tireless work to protect the interests of its members, and regards Goldsmiths UNISON’s role as a vital part of ensuring the safety of our community.

Many of Goldsmiths UNISON members are essential workers without whose support the College would have been unable to open safely and securely. It is impossible for any HE institution to “close” entirely, with students calling Goldsmiths home and relying on our campus as a place for both learning and living.

To enable the College to open in a Covid-secure manner Goldsmiths UNISON and the management have worked to protect staff. High quality risk assessments have been produced, reviewed and regularly updated with appropriate training and appropriate PPE provided to all essential workers.

A wide range of risk mitigation measures which go above and beyond guidance are in place. Every effort to minimise the number of buildings open and staff required has been taken with reduced rota systems in place. Colleagues who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (‘shielding’) have and will continue to be furloughed on full pay.

The College and Goldsmiths UNISON are in frequent dialogue and we continue to have an open, collaborative relationship which has been key to protecting members and the wider Goldsmiths community.

(Published: 11 January 2021)