Other accommodation options

If you're daunted by the possibility of finding good quality, private sector housing, don't worry.

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University of London Halls

As a student at Goldsmiths, University of London you can apply to some of the University of London Halls. Please visit halls.london.ac.uk for more information.

Private accommodation and support available

If you are looking for private accommodation, University of London Housing Services offers a range of services to assist and support students who are looking for and living in private accommodation in London.

Renting privately means you can decide where you live, who you share with, and the type of accommodation that suits you best.

As a Goldsmiths student, you’ll have access to the University of London Housing Services’ property search platform. This is a site where you can search for available rooms from, private landlords, letting agents and independent halls of residence. In order to advertise through the database, all providers of housing must sign up to the University of London Housing Services’ Code of Good Practice.

The University of London Housing Services also offer legal advice and a contract checking service. Every summer they publish a useful housing guide which can give you advice about searching for a place to live and they organise fairs, webinars and other events to help you find private housing.

Rent Guarantor Service

Goldsmiths works in partnership with Housing Hand to provide a Rent Guarantor Service for students in private accommodation. 

Rooms and studios for couples in our student accommodation

We have some accommodation for couples in the ‘En suite double’ rooms at Town Hall Camberwell, hall of residence that can house two full-time students (where at least one student is a Goldsmiths student) where each student gets their own desk and wardrobe in the room. The double rooms have a private bathroom and the kitchen is shared with other students. We also have a small number of self-contained studios where a couple share a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, private bathroom and kitchenette:

  • Quantum Court – Studio Large
  •  Town Hall Camberwell – Studio Large
  • Raymont Hall – Studio Large

If you apply for these room types and wish to share then you will have an opportunity in the notes section of the accommodation application to give us the full details of the person you wish to share with, including their full name and confirmation of their student status. If both residents will be Goldsmiths students, then you will both need to make applications and confirm in the notes you wish to share. You will also be asked to provide evidence of your full-time student status.

Family accommodation

If you're moving with your family, we would strongly advise you to travel to London alone first to find suitable accommodation before your family joins you.

Rooms in our halls are not equipped for families with children, and we are only able to accommodate full-time students.

For students with children then we recommend using the services of the University of London Housing Service who assist and support students who are looking for and living in private accommodation in London. When searching for accommodation you may wish to keep in mind the  schools and nurseries, as well as the ease of travel on public transport. A helpful tool for this is the City Mapper website or app, which will give you a good idea of typical travel times (you can use our campus postcode of SE14 6NW when searching).

Living in a homestay or house share

You may be interested in living in a house share or homestay. We work closely with Hosts International who offer a number of self-catering rooms in shared houses and catered accommodation in homestays, close to Goldsmiths and bookable on a weekly basis. HFS London also provide this type of accommodation.