Accommodation fees


We offer some competitively priced accommodation options – with a range of rents to meet all budgets.

You can find the cost of our halls on the relevant halls page:

Rent includes all utility bills (ie electricity, water and gas), basic possessions insurance and internet access.

You will be required to pay a deposit of £200 at the time of accepting your accommodation offer. Please note that we will be unable to confirm your hall offer until you have accepted your offer online using the accommodation application system and your deposit payment has been received (except sponsored students, who are not required to pay a deposit) within the advertised deadline as noted in your e-document. 

Hall fee payment options

Where you pay your fees depends on what halls you are in. If you are staying in Raymont Hall, Chesterman House or Surrey House then please see the CLV payments section below

If you are staying in either Loring Hall, Dean House, Batavia Mews, Quantum Court or McMillan Student Village, then please read below.

Most accommodation fees are paid termly and can be paid either by Direct Debit, online payment or bank transfer. Full details of how to pay can be found below. You can however pay weekly or monthly, to do so please contact

Our halls fees includes all bills (water, gas, electricity), as well as basic contents insurance, internet (in most halls) and cleaning in communal areas.

Hall fee payment options

Fees should be paid termlyon the dates below. Please note these dates are provisional dates and may change by the time you move in. 

2017 entry

Term 1 fees due: 9 October 2017

Term 2 fees due: 8 January 2018

Term 3 fees due: 30 April 2018

Term 4 fees due: 9 July 2018 (Postgraduate only)

2016 entry

Term 1 fees due: 10 October 2016

Term 2 fees due: 9 January 2017

Term 3 fees due: 1 May 2017

Term 4 fees due: 10 July 2017 (Postgraduate only)

You can request to pay weekly or monthly, to do so please contact

Pay online

The best way to pay your fees is via the online payments system.

You should already be registered after paying your deposit 

Once you have moved in your invoice will appear on your account, simply select it and then follow the prompts to complete the payment.

Pay via Direct Debit

You can pay by Direct Debit and the fees will be automatically taken from your account on or near the due dates detailed on your contract.

Please complete your mandate electronically, then print off, sign and bring this to the Loring Management Centre or email to halls-finance (

Please ensure you have enough money in your bank account, otherwise the payment will bounce and your bank will charge you £50.

Direct Debit Mandate Form

Pay with debit/credit card

You can pay with your debit or credit card either by visiting the Loring Management Centre or calling 020 7919 7245.

Bank transfer

You can pay via Direct Bank transfer in to the following account:

Goldsmiths bank details
Natwest Bank
PO Box 3753
65 Peckham High Street
London SE15 5RZ

Sort code: 60-16-16
Account No: 7753 6460
Iban Code: GB56NWBK60161677536460

Please ensure you put your Student ID (33’) and name as the reference.

Payments received by this method may have commission deducted, which you will need to pay with your fees (approx. £7) or on arrival to make up the total.

If, for any reason, you are not able to pay your hall fees, you should see the Halls Finance team at the Loring Management Centre as soon as you realise there is a problem. It is important that you explain your financial problems and how you intend to manage them.

Study Abroad students

The following institutions pay for their students’ accommodation fees: Arcadia, CEA, CIEE, Kalamazoo, Lafayette, Longwood College, Muhlenberg, Skidmore, St Norbert College, Swathmore College, University of Denver, University of Tulsa, Vassar. Please only apply as Sponsored if you are from one of these institutions.

If you are a self paying study abroad student then you will need to pay as per the details above. Please view your e-document for full payment details using the online accommodation application system. You will also find details on the Study Abroad page

Halls fee payment options for Campus Living Villages (CLV) Halls

Halls fee payment options for Campus Living Villages (CLV) Halls

Halls fee payment options for Campus Living Villages (CLV) Halls are by CLV and all payment musts be made to them.

Paying online

You can pay online using CLV's easy to use portal.

Bank transfer

You can pay via direct bank transfer in to CLV’s bank account. Please remember to reference your payment with your full name and room number.

Goldsmiths Student Village Payment Details.
Campus Living Villages (Goldsmiths) UK Limited
Sort Code: 20-55-41
Account No: 1061 9949
IBAN: GB74 BARC 2055 4110 6199 49

If you have any further questions about paying to CLV then you can contact them on 020 8692 7649 or goldsmiths (

How to pay your deposit online

The best way to pay your deposit is via the online payments system.

You will need your student reference number ('Ref') which can be found at the top of your offer letter. You can find this by logging into the online application system and viewing your details and usually the 8 digit number beginning with ‘33’.

To pay online you will need to register as a ‘student’ or ‘parent’.

Once you have registered (and received your authentication code by email) you will then be able to log in.

  1. Select the option 'Pay on Account'.
  2. Select 'Edit' and then select 'Halls Deposit POA’
  3. Add your Student Reference Number and Amount (£200 for deposit) and then select 'Pay'.

If you would also like pay your accommodation fees by this method prior to arrival please click the 'Add' button (after selecting your deposit) and select 'Accommodation Fees POA'. This will then take you through to the card payment facility. Once payment has been made you will receive a confirmation email of your payment.

Should you be unable to make a web payment, then please contact the Finance team during office hours on 020 7919 7245/020 7919 7192 and they will be happy to take your payment over the telephone.

Please note that we will be unable to confirm your hall offer until you have accepted your offer online using the accommodation application system AND your deposit payment has been received (except sponsored students, who are not required to pay a deposit) within the advertised deadline as noted in your e-document. 

Deposit refund

The College shall use all reasonable endeavours to refund all such deposits less deductions within 28 working days after the end of the Accommodation Agreement. Please contact to request a Deposit Refund Form.

Deposit deductions

Amounts that may be withheld from the deposit if appropriate at the end of the term of the Accommodation Agreement are: 

  • An hourly rate as stated in the Halls Charges any additional cleaning and time spent removing any possessions left behind at the Hall at the end of your Agreement.
  • The cost of storage of items for no more than four weeks unless agreed otherwise after which items will be disposed of or sold (where possible) with the proceeds (if any) sent to you less our costs and an administration charge at the level stated in the Student Accommodation Regulations.
  • A replacement charge as stated in the Halls Charges outline for any lost keys, fobs and entry cards
  • Charges for any repairs
  • Charges for repairing and/or replacing any damaged items
  • Any unpaid Fines applied as referred to Section 10.2 of the Student Accommodation Regulations

Residents will be held liable for any damage or losses caused by their guests and for any College items stolen from the flat/floor/hall where there is no evidence of a break-in.


For a full list of additional charges please refer to the Breakdown of Charges pdf

Deposit forfeiture procedure

In all cases an administration fee will apply.

A) If a student cancels their place prior to seven days, then they will receive a deposit refund less an administration fee (please see Hall charge table noted in the deposit deduction section).

B) If a student cancels their place less than seven days to the date of expected arrival then they forfeit all of deposit.

C) If a student does not arrive and we are unable to contact them, then we will hold the room for a period of five days (provided a deposit has been paid) then the room is released and the deposit is forfeited.

D) If a student is awaiting a visa then a deposit payment is required. We will hold the room for a maximum of one month provided they have paid for this in advance by Direct transfer/webpayment. If Visa is rejected then the deposit is forfeited, an administration fee is charged but any rent paid for that period of time will be returned to the student.

E) If a student pays a deposit, collects keys, moves into the hall and then decides to check out immediately (within the first 24 hours of collection of keys) then please view B) for procedure.


You will not be released from your agreement if you decide to leave after 24 hours of arrival.  Please see the "If I decide to leave Goldsmiths will I still have to pay for my room" FAQ below regarding what to do in this situation.

Financial help for students funding accommodation

All students - postgraduate, undergraduate, further education, home, EU, overseas, full and part time - are welcome to use the services of the Student Funding Team.

Financial help

The Hall Fee Bursary is designed to offer assistance with accommodation costs to students from low income families through discounted hall fees. This scheme is available to UK and EU students only.

Students from low income families applying to stay in one of Goldsmiths halls during their studies can apply for this non-repayable bursary towards the costs of their accommodation fees. Bursaries aren't given to help pay for privately rented accommodation.

There is further financial support available at Goldsmiths (Short Term Emergency Loan (STEL), Childcare Bursaries, International/College Student Fund). See the Student Funding page for further information and eligibility.

For further information on applying for financial support at Goldsmiths please contact Student Services on telephone 020 7919 7214.

Arrears procedure

Student Experience procedure for students who are in accommodation arrears:

  • E-Document is received via the online accommodation application system.
  • Student views and formally accepts their offer and agrees to the schedule of fees detailed in contract page of the e-document.
  • If fees are not paid on time correspondence is sent from the Halls Finance team informing the student of their debt if payment is not made in line with the schedule of fees.
  • If no payment is received a further reminder letter/email (logged on the College finance system) is sent.
  • Further failure to pay will result in a debt interview being arranged with the Finance Administrator and Head of Accommodation Services.
  • Two further requests are made by reminder letter/email (logged on the College finance system) to the student requesting payment.
  • Should a student persistently default on their payment plan and/or fail to attend debt interviews then a Notice to Quit is served. In such cases Academic heads, Students’ Union and Credit Control are informed accordingly.
  • Steps are taken to evict the student if the debt remains unpaid at the point of the Notice to Quit expiring.
  • Any outstanding sums owed will be passed to the Credit Control Department of Goldsmiths who may take legal proceedings if necessary against students in order to recover any outstanding monies owed to the College for accommodation provided. As is standard practice across the sector, this could include appointing an external credit control agency once all internal options have been exhausted. 
  • Any student that has either left halls in debt or has inappropriately managed fees will not be provided with a private sector reference.

Any queries relating to your deposit or halls fees while you are a resident in halls should be directed to the Halls Finance Team. Email halls-finance ( or telephone on 020 7919 7245.


Can't find your question answered here? Check out our Accomodation FAQs.