How to pay tuition and accommodation fees

Pay your tuition fees or for your accommodation online, by credit card, direct debit or bank transfer.

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This page only is for paying tuition fees or rent for Ewen Henderson Court, Loring Hall, Quantum Court and Town Hall Camberwell.

Ways to pay

Tuition fees

Pay a Tuition fee invoice
Make a payment in advance for a Tuition fee (without an invoice)

Both these links will take you to our online payment system, at

The payer will require the Student Number and student’s date of birth. The student number can be found on correspondence previously sent to you. It is also the first 8 digits of the number on the front of the student’s ID card.

Accommodation fees

Click on the name of your accommodation to go to its online portal where you can pay:

We accept the following cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • UnionPay

Pay through Convera

This is the best method for international students who want to pay in their own currency. It guarantees that your payment will arrive quickly and in full.

There are no transaction charges from Goldsmiths or Convera.

You may wish to spread the cost of your fees over termly instalments. We offer a termly plan that commences from the start of the academic year.

Tuition Fees

Unfortunately, we are unable to organise instalments via Direct Debit for our students commencing studies in January and April, though you can pay in instalments using your debit/credit card or via bank transfer.

Please complete the Tuition Fee Direct Debit Mandate Form (PDF) and email to directdebitmandates ( before Enrolment.

Please note that if you join the university part way through an academic session and choose to pay by Direct Debit you will join the scheme at the next convenient payment date.

All tuition fee instalment plans must end after April's payment to ensure that the fees are collected prior to the end of the current academic session.


  • 3 or 4 (postgraduate students only) Termly instalments, dates as per your offer of Accommodation collected in October, January, April and July (4 instalments only)
  • Monthly instalments as per your offer of Accommodation

Please complete the Accommodation Direct Debit Mandate Form (PDF) and return to halls-finance (

You will be notified of the exact amounts and dates of each payment 10 days prior to the first payment.

To be eligible to pay by instalments, you must have a UK bank account that accepts Direct Debits. If you are unsure of the type of account, you have please check with your bank

This method can only be used for Tuition Fees

You can evenly spread the cost of their tuition across the year by opting to pay using our pre-approved three termly instalment schedule. You will receive three invoices to reflect your payment selection shortly after enrolling.

You can use a credit/debit card or direct bank transfer by the dates outlined on the Payment via Instalment Request Form. Payments will be due in the months below:

Commencing studies in September

Commencing studies in January

Commencing studies in April

Please select the appropriate option when you complete online enrolment. This will be confirmation of your request, and our approval to pay in three instalments 

If you wish to request to pay by instalment after enrolment, please complete a Payment via Instalment Request Form.

We do not automatically take each payment.

You are responsible for making each payment via

There are no extra charges for paying in instalments. The full tuition fee balance for the year (after deduction of discounts) is divided into equal parts.

If you have paid a deposit for your tuition fees, this amount should be deducted from the first instalment.

We accept the following cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • UnionPay

You will need to upload a letter from your sponsor with you when you come to enrol.

Please complete the Sponsor Authorisation Form

The letter should be on headed paper and include:

Your details:

  • Name
  • Student number
  • Course

Sponsors details:

  • Postal address
  • Contact person
  • Email and telephone number
  • The amount they are willing to sponsor you for
  • Purchase order number (if applicable).

Please note if your sponsor fails to make payment, you will become liable to pay the fee yourself.

To avoid delays to your payment being received please pay using credit/debit card. In order to pay by manual bank transfer, you will need to fill out the following form. Once you complete the form you should be able to view Goldsmiths' bank details.