Home and EU student loans

UK (home) and EU students studying towards an undergraduate degree, PGCE and some postgraduate programmes can apply for support towards tuition.

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Home students can also apply for grants and loans towards living costs.

When to apply

A new application needs to be made each academic year and students are advised to apply to Student Finance as early as possible.


New students starting a programme in the autumn term can apply from mid-January. Student Finance recommends applying by the end of May.

Continuing students will be contacted directly by Student Finance when they are able to re-apply. You should return your application by the end of June each year.


Funding applications usually have to be in by the spring before you start studying in the autumn.

Loans available

Full and part-time undergraduate students can apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of their tuition.

Payment is then made directly to Goldsmiths by the Student Loans Company. You are then responsible for repaying the loan once you have graduated.

Home (UK) students can also apply for a maintenance loan to help pay living costs.

65% of the Maintenance Loan is non-means tested and 35% means tested. If you are under 25 your parents income will determine the amount of means-tested loan that you receive, although there are some circumstances in which parental income is not taken into consideration

In order for payments to be released, you need to have completed your Student Finance Application and be enrolled at Goldsmiths.

Once we have confirmed your attendance, the Student Loan Company should release payment directly to your bank account within 3-5 days. Please note payment cannot be released before the first day of term.

Postgraduate loans are available to students studying towards a taught MA.

This is a loan to help with all the costs associated with your study and may not cover the full cost of your programme.

The loan is also paid to the student and not to Goldsmiths.

Further details are on our Postgraduate Loans page.

There is funding for disabled students, including Disabled Students' Allowances for UK students.

You may also be entitled to other funding through your country's Student Finance. These include:

  • Adult Dependents Grant
  • Parents Learning Allowance
  • Childcare Grant

You start repaying your loans in the April after you leave university if you are in work and earning over £21,000 per year.

Repayments will be 9% of income above this threshold, so the amount repaid each month will depend on your earnings. If for any reason your income falls below £21,000, your repayments will be suspended.

If you have both undergraduate and postgraduate loans with the Student Loans Company, repayments will be made concurrently, meaning you will repay 15% of your income above the threshold.

Repayments will be deducted automatically from your pay through the tax system (PAYE). If you have not paid off your loan after 30 years, all outstanding repayments will be written off.

See gov.uk/repaying-your-student-loan for full details


From the date you take out loans you will be charged interest at the rate of inflation plus 3%. Once you have graduated or otherwise left university you will be charged interest at:               

  • the rate of inflation (if you are earning less than £21,000)                 
  • the rate of inflation plus up to 3% (if you are earning between £21,001 and £41,000)                 
  • the rate of inflation plus 3% (if you are earning above £41,000)


Apply through Student Finance for your country:

To ensure your funding application is dealt with swiftly and you receive your loans at the start of the year we recommend you:

  • Apply online early
  • Clearly identify any documents you send to the Student Loans Company with your Customer Reference Number
  • Do not send unnecessary documents
  • Make use of Self Service and Application Tracking online
  • Ensure you apply with the same details that Goldsmiths hold for you
  • Complete and return the Online Declaration to the Student Loans Company
  • Sending your passport through the post rather than entering your passport number on the application drastically slows the process