Advance payment of tuition fees

This page explains who needs to pay tuition fees in advance, how to pay and what to do if you would like a refund.

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Who needs to pay in advance

If you are an international fee-paying student, then you will need to make the payment or show us evidence that you have an official sponsor.

Amount to pay

The advance payment is £3,000, and this will be deducted from your total tuition fees. If you are applying for a Student visa, we will include the payment details on your Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) statement.

Deadline for payment

You should make your payment as soon as possible once you have accepted your unconditional offer to study with us. If you need a Student visa, we can't start the CAS process until you have made the payment, so we encourage you to pay as quickly as you can.

Official sponsor

We use the UK Visas and Immigration definition of official sponsorship. This means that we will accept sponsorship from any university, government, international organisation or international company. International means that the company has offices in more than one country. Unfortunately, private sponsorship isn't acceptable.

The following are also considered to be official sponsors (if you are fully funded by any of the following organisations/schemes below, you won't need to make the advance payment, but you will need to provide evidence of your sponsorship)

  • US Federal Loans
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • British Council funding
  • Any Goldsmiths scholarship or award (providing it covers at least your full tuition fees)

There might be other sponsors that meet the definition of 'official sponsorship'. Please email immigration ( with a copy of your sponsorship letter, and we will make an assessment for you.


In most cases, your payment is refundable. We won't refund your payment if you fail to enrol on your course without telling us, or if you are refused a visa because of "credibility grounds" and you didn't disclose all of the relevant information to us before making your visa application.

If you are eligible for a refund, you need to request it by emailing registry ( as soon as possible.

If you defer your place, we will usually keep your payment until you join us the following year unless you request a refund.