Staying motivated and resilience

Here are some tips to help you stay on track, stay motivated and resilient.

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We know it’s very challenging dealing with the unknown. Just how do you continue to plan for the future in times of uncertainty? How can you stay motivated when things are so up in the air? 

Tips for staying motivated

Talk to us

When things stall it can help to talk. Booking an appointment with a careers consultant is a practical way to revive your thinking and kick start your planning.

We are still conducting appointments online, every weekday. You can always book for a follow-up appointment if you need further support to keep the momentum going.

Engage with others

Engaging with others might help keep you motivated because it gives you the chance to share experiences with people in a similar position to you.

You might not feel the need for a one-to one-appointment right now, but still have one or two questions, in which case drop into our Stay On Track Virtual Chat on (VLE). You can also join our webinars or online workshops, specially designed to address topics linked to Careers and Covid-19.

Be active

Sometimes people feel more motivated if they are actively doing something to help or contribute positively to a challenging situation.

If this is you then contact our volunteering team. Many of our charity partners have converted their face to face volunteering into remote opportunities that you can get involved in at home and are adhering to social distancing measures.

Tips for building resilience

Resilience is the ability to experience set-backs and adverse life events and bounce back.

People who are resilient are able to use their skills and strengths to cope and recover from adverse situations. So how can we strengthen our resilience in tough times?

Keep things in perspective

You can’t change the fact that intense situations happen but you do have some control in how you react to them.  Look for ways to adapt to the changes; to practice patience; to be creative and perhaps make your talents available to those who might need them.

Seek out opportunities for growth

Periods of intense change whilst difficult can also present chances to uncover and use our unrealised strengths. We can then take these forward into new areas when things settle down, so pay attention to new skills or roles you seem to be stepping into with ease.

Take care of yourself

Give yourself time to recalibrate as and when you need it. Keep an eye on your consumption of news, social media comments and other external factors that have a tendency to derail us when we feel vulnerable.

Stay connected

Our relationships with friends, family and colleagues are fundamental to strengthening our resilience. Reaching out for help, accepting help when it is offered or helping others who need it can bear a positive impact on you and others.

Act in favour of your goals

Firstly, remind yourself of what you want to achieve - it can help to write your goals down; then focus on what you can do each day to move closer to that goal, rather tasks that seem insurmountable. With time you’ll be surprised at the progress you are making.

Consider the Goldsmiths Elements

Students at Goldsmiths have the opportunity to develop their employability via activities embedded in academic programmes. Reflecting on learning which has presented an opportunity to practice the elements of ‘growth mind-set’ and ‘professional agility’, can further develop your overall resilience.