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Goldsmiths Mentoring Scheme

The Goldsmiths Mentoring Scheme aims to support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students to expand their skills, experience and professional network through regular mentoring meetings with Goldsmiths alumni.

We will try to match students with experienced professionals in their sector and will draw upon the talented and diverse network of Goldsmiths alumni (former students).

Monthly meetings are held either at the mentor’s workplace, or another convenient location, between January and May. Please note that the locations will need to be in or around Greater London.

Benefits for Students

  • Work with your mentor to develop your future career plans
  • Encouragement and practical advice
  • Exposure to new ways of thinking and problem-solving techniques
  • Network growth and increased social confidence
  • Support with moving towards your goals
  • Get practical advice on CVs and applications

Students applications will open in mid-October

Benefits for mentors

  • Opportunity to develop your own skills and strengthen your CV
  • Expand your network and potentially talent-spot
  • Strengthen link with Goldsmiths student and alumni community
  • Free training
  • Celebration event at Goldsmiths

Apply here to become a mentor

Volunteering for Students

Volunteering can help build your experience in two ways. If you have limited or no work experience it can be the first step to a paid job. Or you may have lots of experience just not in the field you want to work in.

Volunteering in a related role can help bridge a gap on your CV. Find out more on our volunteering pages

Part-time work

Part-time work develops skills and provides and reference for future job applications. We have 100s of part-time jobs on our jobs board and you can drop in to see our Part-time Work Co-ordinator.

Work placements

Work placement modules are available in most departments. Check to see if there is one for your programme. They are an excellent way of gaining experience related to your studies.