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Receive career planning support from Goldsmith's Alumni network.

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BAME Mentoring Scheme

Goldsmiths' mentoring scheme has been designed to support our undergraduate students from a Black, Asian or other Minority Ethnic background.

  • Following our first two successful pilot years, we look forward to pairing students and alumni again to build positive mentoring relationships
  • The main aim of the scheme is to help students become career-ready and better prepared for finding high-quality employment post-graduation
  • Our hope is that with this support, students increase their chances of breaking into their desired careers, resulting in a level and more equal playing field in our labour market

Students interested in being mentored: Apply here. Deadline is Wednesday 3 November.

Mentoring Scheme for students with disabilities

Following our successful pilot year, we are delighted to announce the second year of Goldsmiths Careers’ mentoring scheme specifically for undergraduate students with disabilities.  

  • The objective of the scheme is to assist students in their careers readiness and their transition from higher education to the workplace and other postgraduate experiences
  • Students will have access to the Goldsmiths disabilities team through the scheme. Students are encouraged to contact the disabilities team if they identify any additional support they require that their mentor cannot provide

Students interested in being mentored: Apply here. Deadline is Wednesday 3 November.

Gold Award Mentoring Scheme

We are pleased to announce the new Gold Award mentoring scheme, which will give Gold Award students the opportunity to be mentored by a member of the Goldsmith's alumni community.

  • These mentoring sessions will focus on goal setting, career planning and confidence building. Mentors will assist students in completing Stage One of the Gold Award alongside the final reflective statement

Students apply here
Alumni: applications now closed – apply to express future interest and see other opportunities to volunteer

On all schemes mentors can help mentees by sharing industry knowledge, supporting students with applications or interviews, help students to explore careers, set goals, develop contacts, and identify beneficial resources. As a result, helping students build their confidence, eradicate myths they may have of their desired industry and gaining a clearer understanding of the next steps in their career. 

  • Throughout the mentoring relationships, support will be available from the Goldsmiths Careers team
  • Mentor & Menter training will take place in February online (Date TBC)
  • Please email for more information