Enhance your employability

Covid-19 doesn’t have to mean the end of your career planning. In fact, it could be just the space you need to generate options for exploration or refine your path.

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If you are feeling up to it here are some tips for what you could do.

Work on your CV

This is a great time to put some energy into getting your CV straight, optimising your Linkedin profile or generally enhancing your online presence.

Our CV checks are perfect for sharing your online content with us and getting some feedback.

The Grad Focus programme is packed full with online sessions addressing topics like ‘Building Your Personal Brand’, ‘Creating CVs with Impact’, ‘About Freelancing’ and ‘Video Interviews’ so there is something for everyone.  Grad Focus sessions are open for booking now and will run May – July.

Build your skills

You might now have space for a bit of upskilling or learning completely new skills and there are a variety of places you can do this by using free online resources.

You can use this time to really delve into learning as much as you can about the industries and roles that interest you the most. All good career planning starts with good information, so put your academic skills to work for your employability and see what information you can uncover to inform your choices.

Find out more about researching your options.