Finding volunteering roles

How to make sure you find yourself a good quality volunteering role which works around you.

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Volunteering opportunities

There are multiple ways to find volunteering opportunities and many different roles available.

You can find a number of ongoing and one-off volunteer roles on CareerSPACE.

These roles are available through our approved charity partners with whom we have built good relationships with and each role has been checked by our Volunteering Coordinator. Many of the roles have been sourced as they are particularly relevant to some of the courses Goldsmiths offers. has a great ‘advanced search’ option where you can specify the times of the week you are available, which skills you have, which skills you’d like to develop and which causes and sectors you are passionate about.

Please note that as these opportunities have not been checked by Goldsmiths’ Volunteering Coordinator, the responsibility will be on you to decide whether the volunteering role is a good role.

What to look out for

Volunteering opportunities should:

  • Be provided by a charity, not-for-profit organisation or Community Interest Company
  • Be a genuine volunteering position and not replace the work of paid staff members
  • Should have minimal and flexible hours available. A ‘volunteering’ full-time opportunity is not volunteering. These can sometimes be advertised as internships. Internships should always be paid. By definition, volunteering should be on your terms regarding time commitment
  • Be clear on what tasks the volunteer is expected to undertake – ideally a description of the role should be available.
  • Have details of any expenses the organisation will cover on behalf of the volunteer

Applications for volunteering roles vary between organisations.

It is common, especially for larger charities, to apply for a volunteering role much as you would for a job role. The application process might involve an application form or a CV and covering letter followed by an interview.

Organisations who work with children or vulnerable adults need to screen applicants thoroughly. A DBS check will be needed if you will be working unsupervised with the children or vulnerable adults. Some organisations will pay for this, but in some cases you will need to cover the charges for this yourself.