Getting recognition

Volunteering benefits the organisations and communities you dedicate your time to, and you will gain many benefits in return.

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These vary from an improved CV, to new workplace skills, to an increase in self-confidence- to name just a few.

Demonstrate your volunteering experience to employers

Volunteering is a key route into many sectors, especially the third sector. Most charities and NPOs will look at volunteering positively as it shows you are passionate about making a difference.

By gaining volunteering experience in a role that you’re interested in, it shows employers that you really want that experience and you’re serious about getting the role. You can use this to your advantage in CVs, covering letters and applications.

Be sure to show the impact you had. Volunteering is all about making a difference, so show how your work directly benefited the organisation and its cause.

Listing volunteering as an ‘interest’ on application forms shows that you are dedicated to making a difference. This will help you, especially when applying for companies who are charitable in nature.


The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) is the official transcript you will receive at graduation. As well as recording your academic results, it also includes your other achievements – co-curricular activities, university prizes and other awards.

This document can then be shared with potential employers to set yourself apart from the crowd and gain the job you want when you graduate.

To receive the Community Volunteering Award on your HEAR you must have completed at least 30 hours of volunteering with an external charitable, voluntary or community organisation. If you complete over 50 hours of volunteering, you will be eligible to receive the Community Volunteering Plus Award.

Please email the Volunteering Co-ordinator at volunteering ( to request the Volunteering Log which you must complete by the end of May, with a reflection on your time volunteering, in order to receive the award.

The Gold Award

Volunteering can count towards your 40 hours of co-curricular activities that are required for The Gold Award.

The personal and professional development award increases your understanding of your strengths and areas for improvement.

It also helps you to develop your attributes and skills, which in turn enables you to reflect on your experiences and what you want to do in the future.

The Gold Award is also recorded on your HEAR, so it’s a great way to gain even more recognition for your work.

Lewisham Local Card

Get discounts in local businesses by volunteering! The Lewisham Local Card help recognise people who give their time and volunteer in our communities in Lewisham.

Independent shops and businesses thank local volunteers by offering deals through the card.

Over 4,000 local volunteers, 150 local charities and 200 local businesses are part of the Lewisham Local Card.

See Lewisham Local’s website for information on further discounts available and how to get your Lewisham Local card.

Volunteering Support

If you have any questions about volunteering you can contact the Volunteering Coordinator by emailing: volunteering (

You can also book a 1:1 drop-in/appointment with the Volunteering Coordinator to discuss and find relevant opportunities for you.