Supporting Neighbourhood Management in Lewisham


About the project

Neighbourhood Management is a method for improving service delivery in local areas. It works by bringing together all the agencies, across sectors, who deliver services to local residents, making sure that their work is co-ordinated. It seeks to respond to local needs and priorities too. In Lewisham, Neighbourhood Management is being developed in five areas: Honor Oak, Evelyn, Bellingham, Downham, and Heathside and Lethbridge. In each of these areas, different oganisations are managing the project, under the umbrella organisation of Hyde Plus.

CUCR has worked in many of these areas before. For example, we have evaluated Sure Start in Bellingham and Honor Oak, worked with community groups in Deptford, and did research for Neighbourhood Renewal in Bellingham and Downham, the agency which is now delivering Neighbourhood Management there.

The Centre for Urban and Community Research has been commissioned to help the Neighbourhood Managers research the needs and priorities of their communities. This builds on our Local Knowledge for Local Solutions project, which was about training ordinary people to research Neighbourhood Renewal Priorities, and on our experience of using a wide variety of research methodologies.

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Funder: Hyde Plus, for the Lewisham Strategic Partnership

Research Team
Dr Ben Gidley
Dr Luis Jimenez