Campus mobility guide

Information about accessing our buildings for visitors with mobility difficulties.

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The Goldsmiths campus comprises a number of new and older buildings (some dating from Victorian times). The campus is relatively compact and it's possible to go from one end of campus to the other, within ten minutes.

Most of the larger buildings used for teaching purposes have step-free access, lifts and accessible toilet facilities. Every single building can't claim to be fully accessible, but there's no reason why anyone should be prevented from full participation in Goldsmiths activities, with a little bit of advanced planning.

If you have any questions about the accessibility of Goldsmiths, please email disability ( If you are thinking of attending a particular event in any of our buildings on campus, and you have mobility needs, please do contact the person or the department organising the event, in advance, and seek their advice.

If you are travelling by car, please contact the person you are visiting at least 48 hours in advance, so that they can make arrangements with College Services to accommodate you, as appropriate.

Richard Hoggart Building

  • Fully wheelchair accessible (except for one or two rooms in the south west corner)
  • Three lifts, two in east corridor and one in Department of Music corridor
  • Accessible toilets in both corridors (ground and first floor)

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Library (Rutherford Building)

  • Entrance doors are quite heavy but there are automated doors
  • There are turnstiles on entry, but one is wide enough for anyone using a wheelchair
  • Two lifts, one near the front, one to the rear
  • Accessible toilets in area where stairs are located

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Warmington Tower

  • Card entrance required and card or code entrance to most floors
  • Has a lift but this is not usable in an emergency and therefore wheelchair users and mobility impaired students are advised to avoid visiting this building unless strictly necessary.

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Margaret McMillan Building

This building was previously known as the Education Building

  • Has a lift. The lift is not usable in an emergency but there are refuge areas should evacuation not be possible without assistance
  • Accessible toilets

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Goldsmiths Students’ Union

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Laurie Grove Baths

  • Entering the building: there are two doors, the door on the left is the one to use as the one on the right has steps up to it
  • There is an accessible toilet on your left as you enter the building
  • Access to the studios is via a ramp down to the studios

Deptford Town Hall Building

  • Particularly unsuitable building for wheelchair users and mobility impaired people due to the number of stairs and no lift
  • An automated stair climber for wheelchair users is available.
  • Contact estates ( or call 020 7919 7121 in advance to arrange access.

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Loring Hall Management Centre

  • Accessible reception area
  • Entry phone system

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St James Hatcham

  • Wheelchair accessible throughout with an accessible toilet near the front of the building
  • Access to the front is via a ramp
  • There is an internal platform lift

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Ben Pimlott Building

  • Has 2 lifts
  • Accessible toilets
  • Card access with automatic doors

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Hatcham House

  • Ramped access to front
  • Swipe entry system
  • Lift to upper floors, the porters have a key
  • Accessible toilet

Whitehead Building

  • Two entrances at either end of the building
  • Doors are card access, door adjacent to lift is automated
  • Has a lift. The lift is not usable in an emergency but there are refuge areas should evacuation not be possible without assistance. The lift is located at the far (south) end of the building
  • The accessible toilet is located by the stairs in the main lobby area where the lecture hall is (Ian Gulland Lecture Theatre)

Lockwood Building

All locations are accessible to wheelchair users via lifts and ramps, except for

  • Lockwood Annex 5 (design classrooms)
  • Lockwood basement (textiles workshop)

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Professor Stuart Hall Building

All locations are accessible to wheelchair users via lifts and ramps. Accessible toilets on every floor.

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