Goldsmiths campus map


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Finding places

Drinking water locations

Drinking water location map (PDF)

BuildingWater fountainBottle refill
Ben Pimlott Building Lobby  
Laurie Grove Baths   Inside front entrance
Library Stairwell of all floors Inside front entrance 
Lockwood Building Outside front entrance Inside front entrance
Loring Hall Management Centre   Inside front entrance
Margaret McMillan Building   Inside front entrance
Professor Stuart Hall Building All floors, at front of building  
Richard Hoggart Building Refectory, both floors Refectory, ground floor
Thirty Five
St James Hatcham Ground floor  
Whitehead Building   Inside front entrance


Showers locations

Showers location map (PDF)

Anthropology (34-40 LW) Basement level
Barriedale Building A
(Studio A)
Ground floor
Ben Pimlott Building First floor
Caroline Graveson Building Ground floor
Lockwood Building Ground floor: men’s shower
First floor: women’s shower
Professor Stuart Hall Building First, second and third floors
Richard Hoggart Building Ground floor: right-hand corridor, beside the bank
St James Hatcham Building Building Ground floor