Goldsmiths joins data science and AI university network

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Goldsmiths is one of 36 institutions to join the Turing University Network to facilitate better connections in the subjects of data science and artificial intelligence.

This image shows a houseplant against a neutral background. The scene is refracted in different ways by a fragmented glass grid.

Image by Alan Warburton / © BBC / Better Images of AI / Plant / CC-BY 4.0

The Alan Turing Institute launched the pilot network on April 3, designed to provide UK universities with an interest in data science and artificial intelligence the opportunity to engage and collaborate.

Through the network, the Alan Turing Institute will build a structured and inclusive university network representative of the wider data science and AI community in the UK, facilitating better connections across the data science and AI landscape.

The network will be open, with minimal barriers to both entry and bureaucracy and will provide enablers such as mechanisms to connect across the ecosystem, interesting problems and routes to impact.

Larisa Soldatova, an academic Turing liaison at Goldsmiths, said: "By joining the Turing University Network, academics and students in Goldsmiths are widening their opportunities for collaboration with world-leading researchers and working on impactful real-world applications. This is closely aligned with Goldsmiths’ strategic aims and objectives in increasing impact of its research."

The network supports the Institute in achieving its three ambitious goals: advance world-class research and apply it to national and global challenges, build skills for the future, and drive an informed public conversation. 

Donna Brown, Director of Academic Engagement at The Alan Turing Institute, said: “We’re delighted to launch a new UK-wide university network of data science and AI expertise via the Turing University Network.

“The network is crucial to successful delivery of the Institute Strategy, enables our role as a national convenor in the data science and AI landscape, and creates opportunity for meaningful collaboration where interests align across research and innovation, skills, and engagement.” 

Goldsmiths was one of the first-ever successful applicants to The Alan Turing Institute’s Network Development Award last year.