Judith Morrison

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Goldsmiths transformed me from being academically very insecure to someone whose confidence raised a cheer at the Graduation ceremony.

A transformative journey

I joined the MA in Social Anthropology aged 75 years old, graduating aged 77. I had not done a degree before, so Goldsmiths has transformed me from being academically very insecure (I was never an ‘A' stream student) to someone whose confidence raised a cheer at the Graduation ceremony.

A supportive and inclusive environment

My Course Leader and Dissertation tutors worked tirelessly to cope with my lack of academic skills. Tutorials were freely available using the online booking system (including through the Covid period) where staff gently directed me towards useful texts and writing skills.

Additional Wednesday evening lectures were open to all to attend to supplement the taught material. This enabled us to hear the views of speakers and students from other spheres and courses, widening our experiences.

All departments at Goldsmiths were professionally and personally helpful. Isaac on the IT Helpdesk; Angus, who had special responsibility for the Anthropology section of the library and the Disability staff recorded that I wore hearing aids.

Where possible, my tutor ensured that my lectures occurred in halls with a hearing loop. The excellent Centre for Academic Language and Literacy coaxed us through essay writing skills culminating in Dissertation Writing skills.

A thrilling experience

My dissertation on 50 years of living near Camden Lock Market, gave me the opportunity to step off campus, interview current users of the market (having done a quantitative study of those arriving on the underground) market traders, canal boat dwellers, friends who remembered the original market and local activists while delving into historical copies of the local newspaper from the Camden Local History Library.

Drawing anthropological threads together linking the arrival and growth of the market to the surrounding area was a new and very thrilling experience for me and I am grateful to my tutor for his help.

Goldsmiths has excellent non-academic facilities: the Student Union, cafes and spacious grounds. Public transport is excellent. 

A rich cultural history

I am a Londoner and enjoy exploring different areas. The area has a rich cultural history and many facilities.

The transport system is excellent too. There are buses, tube lines and the overground service immediately available, making it easy to attend.

Advice for future students

If you are thinking of it: Go For It!

Mature students have all to gain and nothing to lose by enrolling at Goldsmiths. We have an interest in a topic, the time to study (part-time or full-time), and grants are available to support your studies.

Goldsmiths have worked wonders for me - my adult children became quite emotional at the graduation as they knew how much this qualification meant to me.