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I would describe the general atmosphere on Campus as liberal and supporting, as far as every opinion puts on the table.

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Department Visual Cultures
Country Russian Federation

"I would say that a vibrant widespread community is a distinguishable Goldsmith's characteristic, which embraces not only current residents, but alumni as well. Since the College establishment, professional network has been constantly expanding over the years. As a result, a strong supportive community has been developed across the globe. I feel myself as a part of this body which joins people regardless of race and nationality.

Before studying at Goldsmiths, I worked in the art industry for 3.5 years, but I always keep dreaming to progress my study. After a while, I found myself approaching the course in Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths. I really enjoy spending my time with classmates by sharing knowledge and experience. I would describe the general atmosphere at Campus as liberal and supporting as far as every opinion puts on the table. In my course, the majority of students came from all over the world that creates a very diversified aura in the classes. I have never experienced anything like this before, that makes my residency authentic. I think multiplicity is something very special about London, but nevertheless, it takes time to get used to live in a such multicultural and extremely competitive environment. You should be very mobile and fast, plan your activities in advance as the luscious pieces (i.e ticket events) are taken rapidly. High speed and restlessness shape London’s look, and if you want to succeed, then run faster.

I have not manage to build any strategic plan upon my graduation yet, but I will go back to Moscow, and probably start looking for a job, or an inspiring internship."

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