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 "The course is structured in a way to open up doors to the professional sphere."

Main details

Year graduated 2010
Department Art
Occupation Independent Contemporary Art Curator and Art Advisor
Country Portugal

"I chose to undertake my MFA in Curating at Goldsmiths because of its world renowned curating course. I have been working with contemporary art for the last nine years and to come and do this course was exactly what I needed at this point of my career. I started very young, helping out with a private collection and since then I have interned at an art magazine, worked as a project intern at Tate Modern for a year, worked as Assistant Curator for the Marrakech Biennial, and co-curated some exhibitions in London. Coming to this course, I now have a much better idea of the many options I have ahead of me and I’m also aware of what it takes to be in this field. I have developed an immense sense of critical knowledge and I feel much more confident in claiming my role as a curator. The practical aspect of the programme, gives us the opportunity of experimenting and amazing opportunities have been presented to us throughout these two years. As I approach the end of this very intense experience at Goldsmiths, I am also facing my first big challenge. My first individually curated exhibition, that I’m sure wouldn’t be happening had I not come to this course. One of my other actual projects is also a collaboration between the David Roberts Art Foundation and Goldsmiths, which is just another example of how our course is structured in a way to open up doors to the professional sphere."

Luiza Teixeira de Freitas is a curator living between London and Lisbon. Finishing an MFA in Curating Contemporary Art at Goldsmiths University (UK), she has worked as a project intern at Tate Modern (UK) (Cildo Meireles, Cy Twombly and 9 Scripts from a Nation at War), as curatorial assistant for the Marrakech Biennial Works and Places curated by Abdellah Karroum, as assistant for Alexander and Bonin Gallery (NY) and has been actively involved with Colecção Teixeira de Freitas, Lisbon (PT). Her experience as an independent curator started in Photo50: Any similarity to actual events or characters is purely coincidental, London (January, 2009) where she was a co-curator. Presently she is co-curator for The Moon is an Arrant Thief at David Roberts Foundation, London (July, 2010).

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