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"The Degree Shows display striking diversity and creativity: a testament to the pedagogical ethos at Goldsmiths."

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Year graduated 2013
Department Art
Country Singapore

"What attracted me to Goldsmiths was the possibility to pursue coursework in two areas that I was interested in: the practice of art making and a more discursive approach towards theories of art. Where the course is highly successful is in its capacity to synthesize these two skillsets.

For example, the group critique part of the Fine Art curriculum, offers the chance to gather serious feedback on your personal practice from your peers; yet, it also presents a space to engage in detailed readings and analysis of artworks, affording a proximity to the artistic process that one would not usually encounter while pursuing a degree in Art History.

The tutors have been remarkably encouraging, inspiring and insightful and are a huge plus of the course. I greatly appreciate their commitment to developing the singular aspects of student's interests.  Walking through our recent Degree Show, the diversity and heterogeneity of practices is striking: a testament to the pedagogical ethos at Goldsmiths."

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