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"The sheer diversity of the student body is incredible, just walk along Goldsmiths' corridors and you'll see people from just about everywhere!"

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Department Art
Country Singapore

"Before coming to Goldsmiths all I had heard about it was two things, ‘Damien Hirst’ and ‘experimental’. Terrible way to sum up a College, but being ‘experimental’ was good enough a reason for me to pack my bags and enrol in Goldsmiths for a four-year BA course. I could never quite envisage any institution being radical without looking like it was trying too hard, and so far it has been an amazing year understanding what these liberties mean for my education as an individual and an artist.

Being an overseas student means learning a lot of lessons the hard way, coming from a dissimilar cultural background, but it also means that learning reaches an experimental place – and while Goldsmiths grounds itself on a highly independent and self-motivated way of learning, friendly tutors and support groups means there is always someone to consult should any issues go out of hand. The sheer diversity of the student body is also incredible, just walk along Goldsmiths’ corridors and you’ll see people from just about everywhere!"

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