Marcus Ansley

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I'd highly recommend taking part in some of the game jams throughout the year.

For me, this course was an entry point into games development and the tech industry more broadly. It provides a brilliant opportunity for a wide variety of students to learn game development practices from programming to modeling to game design and narrative design, even if a student's background is in something completely different. Our year alone had graduates from design, philosophy, engineering, and literature to name a few, and we were each able to develop our skill-sets and our own voice through our games. 

This course can be quite challenging, particularly if you take some of the advanced modules currently on offer, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and liberating when you find yourself with an entirely new set of skills for creative expression. On a personal note, I'd highly recommend taking part in some of the game jams throughout the year, and keep your eye out for the extracurricular work your developing skillset allows for. Aside from that, I hope you enjoy it and tell the stories you want to tell!

I'm currently contracted as a game developer for a small studio based in London (but working remotely). I'm mainly responsible for programming the games we need to make in Unity as well as getting out playable prototypes. I do like how hands-on development work is, and I love getting to extend my skillset as a programmer and continue learning new techniques and practices.