Russ Bittles

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Learning was always the most important part of the experience.

One of the things I enjoyed most about my time at Goldsmiths was the atmosphere. Learning was always the most important part of the experience. Exploring new concepts, challenging beliefs, and broadening my understanding was why I chose to study in the UK, and Goldsmiths delivered.

My reason for choosing the MA Independent Games and Playable Experience Design (IGPED) at Goldsmiths was to add a player experience approach to my technical game development undergraduate degree. By offering courses asking us why we make games, and what statements we are making through our games, IGPED helped me develop a more holistic approach to games and play. The supplemental courses can be tailored to meet your design approach, and the overall experience was worth the year I spent living in the UK.

One of my favourite parts about studying in New Cross/south east London were the different foods available within the area. The proximity to central London, Greenwich, and other cool places. I spent some time at the gyro place in New Cross. I got a couple of tattoos at The Gilt Moth in Greenwich.

Take some time to see the city. It's a wide world, and there's plenty to do. Your studies are not the only reason to attend university. Meet people, have a pint. The workload isn't that overwhelming, and it's not the end of the world if you get a 60.