Shani Thompson

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Doing this MA was such an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the games industry.

A truly unique and valuable experience which provided a holistic multidisciplinary exploration of games and play, doing this MA was such an amazing opportunity to immerse myself in the games industry. Although I was new to digital game design I always felt secure with the vast range of research presented to explore, the wonderful cohort I got to study with, and the creative welcoming environment of the course itself. Doing this course through the lockdown was definitely an experience in itself, but both teachers and university staff were unwaveringly supportive which was invaluable during uncertain times in maintaining my morale.

I chose this course out of the variety of games courses available as the title indicated to me a place to explore and facilitate new ideas inspired by the theories behind games. As a designer, this open approach to trendsetting appealed to me and a year later I am not disappointed – in fact, it was far more magical than I had imagined. The modules were dynamic and interesting, the variety of interesting people I met through the course was so fantastic and truly inspirational.

After graduation, I worked on a 4-month project as a research and development associate focusing on games and playable experiences event research, and planning. I am currently working as a part-time assistant curator. I am excited about the journey the course has started me on and the passion that the lecturers have is truly contagious and I really look forward to applying what I have learned through the unusual but amazing year. I hope to do more research and development around games and play in the future.

Going to university is a dynamic experience in itself and can fill you with a mixture of emotions but it is important to try new things and see all experiences, especially those that take unexpected turns. But, remember that you are not alone and there is always help or a friendly ear when things get challenging.