Amira El Shawarby

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The MA has been a great way to expand my practices and pinpoint overlaps between design and other fields.

When I decided to pursue my master’s degree, I started looking for the top design schools around the world and Goldsmiths was on top of the list. The more I read about it and the more I informed myself about the MA Design: Expanded Practice programme, the more I became really excited about becoming a Goldsmithser!

After finishing my bachelor degree in 2012 in the faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts at the German University in Cairo, I started working right away. I’ve been exploring different directions and career possibilities in Egypt. I worked as a teaching assistant at the University, alongside working on my own startup and involving myself in the entrepreneurship scene. 
One of my biggest dreams and goals to achieve is to make use of the craftsmanship within Egypt. I believe in our craftsmen, their skills, and their very powerful talent that has been implanted in our heritage since ancient times. I also believe in the strength, dynamics and the unlimited potential in the craftsman-designer work exchange. Being involved in such a programme is a great way to expand my practices and pinpoint overlaps between design and other fields.

The course is very well structured and we have a great pool of knowledge and fascinating staff members who make this experience one of a kind. Each one of them is a unique character who . is worth getting in touch with and learning from. 

As for London, I think it’s a very interesting city. You’ll definitely find yourself somewhere in its diverse communities and places. Using your body as a vehicle is the greatest way to explore the streets of London so I advise you to just walk around and let yourself be surprised. 

At this point in time, I’m aiming at expanding freely yet smartly. I’m working on finding a proper link between the past-present-future of me as a design-being. After I finish my degree, I’m keen on going back to the teaching path. The form of teaching may vary, it might not be in the university and maybe the setup would be completely different. It could be more in the context of peer learning, or maybe not, I haven’t decided yet, but what I know for a fact is that knowledge exchange and transferring any information I get to others while always learning from them is one thing I’ll always enjoy and aim to achieve. 
Focusing on my startup and working on making it one of the leading businesses in Egypt is definitely one other major goal.