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Conceptual thinking in design practice

Main details

Year graduated 2012
Department Design
Country Korea, Republic of

Eunji is not the kind of designer that wants to only create “pretty images”, or to make a product more marketable or saleable; instead, she is looking for projects where conceptual thinking is allowed in design practice.

Her graduation project is a study of stereotypes and social expectations called “The average woman, Sarah Smith”. The project started as a research (mainly numerical data) on the characteristics of “the average woman” in Britain according to various sources such as newspapers and national statistics. After these measurements were collected, Eunji compiled a profile and tried to transform herself into Sarah Smith using different props.

This approach is something of a motif in her design work: gathering data, then interpreting it for empirical use and a more personal experience. Another of her projects based on this principle, “Weather Makes You”, involved recording daily clothing decisions in accordance to temperature variations, then using this research to understand the connection between the insulating abilities of clothes and temperature values. Taking the project further, clothes could be tagged according to the temperature for which they are adequate. It sounds like a great idea: when we hear the weather forecast expressed as a number of degrees, does it instantly give us any clues of what we should wear tomorrow? Probably not. Eunji’s idea helps make weather a more personal experience.

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