Gabriel Troiano

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At Goldsmiths, people are pioneers, they are curious, so expect to be and live in that mentality.

Goldsmiths is forward thinking, politically active, and super friendly

My favorite part was engaging in active discussions with guest speakers during some of the MA classes. I really enjoyed the breadth of services and opportunities at Goldsmiths. I like that Goldsmiths is a very forward thinking school, with lots of opportunities to engage in subversive literature and approach academic life with a totally different lens. My experience in the department was great, everyone was super friendly, teachers were extremely well prepared, and course material was very updated and allowed me to dive deep into topics that I was really interested in. The university is really active politically, that was something I wasn't aware of until I joined. Taught me to thinking outside of the box, to look things from a different perspective and to cultivate a forward-thinking mentality

Future aspirations, and marketing agencies

I am currently working in a marketing agency and I enjoy it because I get to use my creativity to work with different brands and companies .In the future, I also plan to write more books, which is one of my hobbies, and establish myself as a writer, both creatively and professionally.

Pioneering and curious

Be prepared to think hard. And not just think hard, think outside of the box. At Goldsmiths, people are pioneers, they are curious, so expect to be and live in that mentality. Read a lot and question even more!

Being an international student at Goldsmiths was great

Life as an international student was great. I would advise people to live London to its fullest, the city and Goldsmiths have so much to offer. Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, London will welcome you with open arms.

Unique local experiences

I love how the area is not your typical London neighborhood. I love that you can find really unique restaurants and bookshops along the streets, people seem to have this underdog mentality, but that blends really well with the culture over there.