Sam Holdstock

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My PhD supervisors are knowledgeable, inspirational and supportive.

My research topic

Having greatly enjoyed my MA in Creative Writing and Education at Goldsmiths, I began my PhD in 2019. My research explores the role that Interactive Fiction might be able to play in the secondary school English classroom, with a particular focus on classroom talk and dialogue. However, I am also exploring the role of the teacher-writer, and some of the experimental works I have developed for use in the classroom can be found on my website.

Choosing the doctoral programme

The relationships I had built with members of the Education faculty during my MA made Goldsmiths' doctoral programme the natural choice. My PhD supervisors are knowledgeable, inspirational and supportive, and they have helped me to refine and develop my thinking a great deal. Moreover, the Department of Educational Studies has also supported me financially by means of a bursary. This has been enormously helpful, and I have felt well-supported throughout my PhD so far.

My time at Goldsmiths

I particularly enjoy the opportunities for discussion that the programme offers. The Work in Progress seminars, Saturday school series and supervision sessions I have attended have been hugely stimulating. It is always interesting to hear about the research of my peers and to discuss all things Education with a group of like-minded, critical and curious individuals.

Advice for future students

I would encourage students to embrace and explore the range of opportunities and expertise that are available - you never know where the next exciting, inspiring or interesting idea will come from.

South East London experience

I am enjoying studying in South East London because it is near where I live and work; I feel close to the academic community I have joined, and this community does not feel detached from the rest of my life.