Sarah Cloonan

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I discovered how to support my beliefs and ideas with academic references.

Learning how to make ideas a reality

I enjoyed unlocking my thoughts about each module while researching them academically. At first, it seemed a stressful and inefficient process, but once I discovered I could make visual maps from my research, I found a path. By using connectivity and synchronicity with a touch of serendipity, while critically analysing my findings, I allowed ideas proposed by others to but up and be juxtaposed against my own ideas and experiences. I found a synergistic ecology, one I could see and interrogate when I “made” about it.

By making my way through my thoughts and enquiries, I found a way to create thought scapes that made my data visible. I could then talk and write about what I have only had feelings about previously. Furthermore, I discovered how to support my beliefs and ideas with academic references. This would not have been possible without the support of my cohort and tutors. This was most satisfying.

Life after Goldsmiths

I have had two group shows and have returned to my kitchen studio where I make. I have had a tutoring project with a BA student stuck on her final module and helped my own children make choices about university. I have begun to unwrap what I have experienced and learnt. I have been applying to residencies and open calls. What I may offer is much broader now and I feel, it improves my chances of being chosen. I am about to start following up on the offers I have received from my previous employers to rejoin them in a teaching capacity. Although I only want to return part-time to allow me to further develop my own praxis.

Advice for future students

Be prepared to push for what you want, and enjoy the critical and wonderful tutors. Don't be afraid to approach other departments, I always found them very helpful. Experiment and try something new. You may find what you love.

Sarah's favourite thing about the Goldsmiths campus

The view over to the city. magical.