Cecilie Dreyer

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My studies at Goldsmiths led me to see the music business in a new way.

"I started at Goldsmiths after completing a BSc degree of Economics and Business Administration, during which I had obtained work experience in the music business in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. During my studies at Goldsmiths I was working at Kartel Music Group focusing on business development analysis and the development of non-financial KPIs to measure performance of their service clients.

My studies at Goldsmiths led me to see the music business in a new way. The MA Arts Admin course introduced me to various business models in the wider creative industries, which mainly provided me with a new understanding of how to foster and grow artistic talent, especially in the music industry, in the most cost-effective way. The practical focus of the music pathway course pushed me to take my new understanding and form it into a real-life project, thus, Banders was founded.

Banders is a new start-up aiming to empower the generation of do-it-OURselves creators. The mission is to facilitate relationships in the wider creator-sphere, through technology that employs creative passion for music. The team currently consists of 6 members located in San Francisco, Los Angeles and London. The platform will launch soon. I am currently the director of the company on a full-time basis."

Cecilie is Director & Founder at Banders Ltd