Fabiane da Cruz

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Studying at Goldsmiths enhanced my academic background, & gave me confidence to embrace my future endeavours

After working with international trade and having the opportunity to collaborate with companies in developed countries as Norway, Canada, and the United States, I got very intrigued with the social differences between them and my country, Brazil, and decided to better understand the social impact of businesses.

This led me to the social enterprises topic that I had the chance to study at Goldsmiths, University of London through the MA in Social Entrepreneurship in ICCE. The critical view of the programme combined with the quality of resources, lecturers, and the significant experience of the UK in social enterprises, showed me a new perspective of social responsibility.

With the valuable support and inspiration from my teachers, I felt encouraged to continue my studies through the PhD program in Latin American Studies at the University of London. I am currently working on my research topic which is about social responsibility through the lens of mainstream businesses and social enterprises in Brazil.

I am grateful for having the opportunity to study at Goldsmiths which not only enhanced my academic background but also gave me the confidence to embrace my future endeavours.