Roxane Schavoir

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The lecturers are inspiring and encourage you to think outside of the box and develop critical thinking.

Growing up in Brussels, I have always been in contact with people from around the world and I have always been amazed by the strong links that can be built between people from different nationalities thanks to culture and dialogue, which is why I didn’t hesitate to apply when I found that Goldsmiths had an MA Cultural Policy, Relations, and Diplomacy.

I absolutely loved this programme, the lecturers are inspiring and encourage you to think outside of the box and to develop a critical thinking. Goldsmiths gives you the freedom to build your own path, to pursue your interests or discover new ones, and to learn more about yourself. At the same time, I also really felt supported by my lecturers and by the different services that the university offers, such as the careers service. 

London is a great city with an endless list of things to do and to see! In this busy city, I noticed that Goldmiths offers something that can be very valuable, which is the feeling of community and inspiration that you get when you walk around the campus.

Thanks to my programme at Goldsmiths I had the opportunity to have a first foot in the door with my internship at EUNIC London. It was an amazing experience and also a very useful one because I now work as a Project Officer for EUNIC Global in Brussels. I realise very often that the knowledge I have acquired during my studies but also the reputation of Goldsmiths College are definitely beneficial to my career. I absolutely don’t regret my decision of studying my MA at Goldsmiths, since my job is now to support cultural relations projects that have this goal of building bridges between people around the world.