Sara Dos Santos

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The Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy MA offered a safe space to research, learn and innovate.

I’m a London-based Portuguese choreographer, movement director, and cultural professional, known for interlacing a variation of dance styles, cultural influences and international experiences to develop work that has been described as engaging, thought-provoking and emotionally driven. With a 13-year career working in the cultural and creative sector, and eight years in leadership roles, my interest in international affairs, policy and cultural studies increased.

The Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy Masters was a significant stepping-stone towards the future cultural leader I envisioned becoming. As expected, the course offered a safe working environment to research themes around UK and EU policy, the role of international relations and the critical role Cultural and creativity play towards building mutual understanding across borders.

Being a part-time student also allowed me to continue working within the sector whilst simultaneously expanding my knowledge bank - immediately applying current research and learning to evolving projects and industry discussions.

The multicultural cohort of students enriched my understanding of contemporary limitations and barriers within retrospective countries. Our exchanges centred on unpicking (possible) solutions and advanced methodologies that could positively impact the cultural and creative sector in the near future. Additionally, studying at Goldsmiths offered widespread opportunities to attend a diverse selection of seminars, events and lectures by academic professionals worldwide.

As we continue to exist in uncertain times and COVID-19 continues to affect the cultural and creative landscape, I’m keen to utilise the knowledge gained during my masters to innovate and develop cross-cultural and international collaborations. With a long-term ambition to shift invisible boundaries and raise the profile of unrepresented voices in the UK and beyond.

Photography by Chirague Amarchande