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Tatjana Schäfer

ICCE has taught me that it is possible to build one’s own professional pathway in the creative industry

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Studying with Goldsmiths has allowed me to personally and professionally grow into multifaceted directions. In choosing the MA Arts Administration and Cultural Policy, I did not pursue a particular career in the arts, but a broader knowledge of cultural infrastructure. This has tremendously helped me to comprehend the interconnectedness of different agents within the arts system at large. What I’ve learnt at the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship inspires me up until this day to vouch for culture and arts operating within a macrocosm, rather than a micro art world. 

The practice-oriented learning environment in my MA program allowed me to question the production of culture not just from a theoretical point of view, but from within the job.

The course is taught from the perspectives of practitioners in various domains who introduce case-study scenarios making the subjects more tangible. Practicing with these case-studies made me feel more prepared to take agency for my ideas and to turn them into real projects once I entered the professional sphere. In this way, I have succeeded to curate shows with emerging contemporary artists, expand my international network, successfully apply and be admitted to intradisciplinary residencies, and to grow from task to task. 

Most notably the ICCE at Goldsmiths has taught me that it is possible to build one’s own professional pathway in the creative industry. Today, I proudly work as assistant curator at Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich while additionally pursuing my PhD in curatorial theory and continuing with my freelance projects.

Photography: Karl Kramer, 2020

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