Leticia Lukács

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With the help of my lecturers I gained experience in the industry which led me to a full-time job.

I found a handful of Arts Management courses around the UK but the more I learnt about Goldsmiths, the more I liked it. I spoke to previous students who had nothing but positive things to say about the university and I fell in love with the area, but the one thing that really sold me on attending Goldsmiths was the way the course was structured, giving students the freedom to pick a wide range of optional modules and customise their degree to their interest. 

Shortly after starting my studies at Goldsmiths in 2017, I found an internship advertised exclusively to Goldsmiths students at the Albany in Deptford. I immediately applied and managed to secure the role. Finding entry level work opportunities can be difficult but the Goldsmiths Careers website is a great help for students looking for the perfect job. Lectures, such as Events Management, Fundraising in the Arts or Managing Arts Organisation and Cultural Businesses taught me transferable skills and with the help of my lecturers, I gained more experience in the industry which eventually led me to full time role as a Bookings Assistant in the Business Development team at the Albany, where I work on venue hire generating income for the charity.

Goldsmiths played a large role in my ability to recognise the intersections of certain roles within organisations and encouraged me to think critically about them to challenge old practices and bring in sustainable change.

Occupation: Bookings Assistant, The Albany