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Weiqing Zhang

the experience I gained on this programme layed a solid foundation to help me realise my dreams

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I found out about Goldsmiths because of my previous boss in a gallery I worked at recommended it to me because. She said it is one of the most creative schools in the art field and it is well-recognised in China's art scene, which means it will better for my future job hunting after graduation. Before I came to Goldsmiths, I was working in MD Gallery, an international Gallery founded by a Paris woman. I was also working as a volunteer in Himalayas Art Museum, which is one of the largest museums in Shanghai.

I found my course a little bit tough as it was sometimes hard to find a balance between reading more books and seeing more exhibitions, while also spending a lot of time absorbing knowledge from lectures, too. As an international students, you can use a lot of energy to transfer English and Chinese and try to understand the deeper meaning of what the teachers said.

We all loved the college's atmosphere, both the physical environment and the artistic and creative atmosphere here. Everything here is so different from what I've experienced in former traditional study atmosphere. I would always walk in London centre and go to a lot of exhibitions as well. Finding new pubs or cafes in London helped me to immerse myself in London culture, too. The academic studies and research have been the most important channels to lay a solid foundation to realise my dream.

My ambitions to work as an excellent art administrator in an art institution such as an art museum have come true. Since completing my MA in ICCE, I now work as a core team member at the Start Museum. I am responsible for exhibitions assistance, researching artists and collections.

The Start Museum is a new contemporary art museum opening in Shanghai at the end of 2019. It's located near the West Bund Cultural Belt, Xuhui District in Shanghai, and was designed by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel. 

Thanks to what I've learned and experienced during my MA, I have improved my thinking and research abilities and have helped my job.

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