Jessica Delgado

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My favourite part of the degree is how concentrated our cohorts are.

My favourite part of the degree is how concentrated our cohorts are, as this means that we all know each other and the faculty members. As our year was the first year the Law department began teaching, there is much academic support around campus for Law students. Similarly, Goldsmiths itself also offers a range of support to its students which has become essential for many following the outbreak of COVID-19.

I really enjoyed our guest lecturers and activities. We got to visit the Supreme Court and witnessed a ruling. As our cohort is so concentrated, we have found that after lectures a group of us ends up going for drinks and a meal, which is a great balance to academic life. The law society also holds all sorts of mixers and events, which help the second years remain connected to the first years.

Personally, I have found that I've become more confident in my knowledge and this has allowed me to take part in discussions during lectures and seminars, which is something I would have struggled with previously.

I like how close campus is to Central London, there's so much to do and see! Also, Chinwag, across from campus, is one of our favourite places to go to in-between lectures and seminars!