Amy Clegg

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I feel very lucky to be a part of such a supportive and exciting course.

I came straight from sixth form college in Leigh, Wigan to study BA Design at Goldsmiths, I had a very limited understanding or knowledge of what art colleges in London were like but I knew I wanted to do a creative degree and be surrounded by creative people. The tutors, technical tutors and office staff of the Design Department were supportive in a wide variety of ways. I would say that my undergraduate experience was shaped by the truly lovely friends that I've made.

It was in my last year at University that I realised my interest in documentary film after making a documentary based on my mother's experience of caring for my Final Design Project. I currently study MA Screen Documentary in the Media, Cultural and Communications department and feel very lucky to be a part of such a supportive and exciting course.

I am immensely grateful to have been awarded a fee waiver bursary from the Media, Cultural and Communications department for the MA Screen Documentary course. The fee waiver has made it possible and financially feasible for me to study my postgraduate degree and it has given me greater confidence in the University for taking steps to try to ensure that people from ordinary backgrounds have the opportunity of continuing their studies in higher education institutions. Fee waiver bursaries mean so much to the students who receive them, they help to relieve financial pressures and instil confidence in the student and their creative voice.

My undergrad documentary on informal care, 'If I Get Like That Just Shoot Me', was officially selected and screened as part of the Best UK Student category at Bolton International Film Festival in October 2019 and has been officially selected and is a nominee for the Best Documentary award at Oxford International Short Film Festival in March, 2020.

I am currently filming for my Final Postgraduate Documentary which will tell the story of my Grandmother's experience of motherhood; more specifically being a mother to 13 children. It will explore the stigmas surrounding large families and a mothers choice.