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"At Goldsmiths I learned to be a director. I thought I was one before, but I really wasn't."

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"Goldsmiths helped me understand what it takes and what it means to be a film director.

I learned about script writing skills but also that my life is the greatest fountain of ideas. I learned about characters and plot, but also that my main tool and centre of attention should be the actors. I learned about composition, camera and shots, but also that managing and understanding the talented people that will make the movie possible is your best chance at getting a great film.

I learned all of that in a very international atmosphere which exponentially multiplied my learning process at another level. Now I am in Los Angeles, the world's film core, working on my first feature film. It's a female lead movie that talks about racism and homophobia. A story of culture clash and human diversity that the world needs to see."

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