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"Whenever I meet with professionals from media organisations and tell them about things we learned and practiced on the MA/MSc Digital Journalism, they are impressed and tell me that there is a high demand for graduates of this programme."

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"I chose the MA/MSc in Digital Journalism at Goldsmiths after spending around three months looking at postgraduate qualifications in media, communication and journalism. When I looked at the courses on the programme, it struck me that it was as if the person who combined the course content was able to read my mind. 

The syllabus was practical, comprehensive and combined almost everything I wanted to learn to do. The course made my wishes come true. It enabled me to do things faster, more accurately and more efficiently. Things I previously thought were impossible now seem very easy to achieve with the arsenal of digital tools the course introduced me to.

I think that the programme is for journalists who want to create the future of journalism and be 10 years ahead of the industry. It is for those who are not afraid of learning new things and combining unlikely tools and techniques from previously unconnected domains of science. I found myself combining political science with machine learning with computational linguistics with journalism."

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