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The whole campus is very nice to be around as it has that 'artsy' feel to it which, is extremely comforting.

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"Being from the creative line, Goldsmiths was always mentioned as one of the front-runners in the creative industry. I was initially meant to start my Masters immediately after completing my undergraduate degree in 2017. However, being an international student, the monetary aspect of it all really affected my family. That is why I decided to defer for a year and move back to Malaysia. The whole experience was very sudden but I managed to deal with it with the help of family and friends. I then worked for a year as a digital designer in an advertising company before making the decision to accept my offer to Goldsmiths.

I applied for scholarships to help the financial burden, and thankfully I managed to get some sort of help. Ever since then, it has been such a whirlwind of an experience, moving back to the uk and into halls (again). The whole campus is very nice to be around as it has that 'artsy' feel to it which is extremely comforting. As for London, it has been a dream of mine since I was 15 to live in London and I'm finally living it! I must say its really amazing as I get to go to galleries and exhibitions in my free time, and immerse myself in the London lifestyle that I've always dreamt of having. I am hoping to get a job in the UK at the end of my Masters. My aim is to try and get as much of the London life as possible before the next chapter of my life begins. So far it has been amazing, and I am so thankful for this experience."

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