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"Goldsmiths allowed me to develop transferable skills that I can use in any career path."

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Year graduated 2012

"I loved the course that I studied; the 50% divide of theory and practice made it perfect. The theory side touched upon psychology and even philosophy which really interested me, whilst the practice side allowed me to sharpen my technical skills so that when I got into the 'real' world I was ready to deal with media equipment. Goldsmiths allowed me to develop transferable skills that I can use in any career path. The course, and the College generally, enabled me to expand my mind.

Outside of my course I was very involved in Union life. In my first year I threw myself into many societies and campaigned on lots of issues from Palestine to cuts in uni fees. Goldsmiths is a place that gives you the time to be free with your opinion and campaign about issues that really matter to you. In my second year I was elected BME officer in the union and in my third year I worked in the union. I met people from the most diverse range of backgrounds and loved it.  

Last year just after I left Goldsmiths I co-founded "Discoverables" with a charity called Spark+Mettle I was involved in. We won a grant of £54,000 from the Design Council and Nominet Trust to help solve youth unemployment. Discoverables was our answer which is  a gameful designed, online journey that is aimed at young people between 16-24. It helps them develop and showcase their skills and strengths to forward thinking employers and to flourish in work and life. 

Currently it is is being converted into a sustainable social enterprise. We have been shortlisted for the Big Issue Invest: Tech for Good Challenge and actually just pitched for £54,000 to help us with phase 2 of the developments. We find out if we won the pitch in 2 weeks time! The dream is that hopefully we manage to secure the funding this summer so that by September I can go full time as Marketing manager."

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